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Game of thrones HBO schedule 2017!

The wait for ” Game of Thrones New Season” Season 7 has come to an end: Since July 16, the new season on the US-channel HBO – and parallel also with us. Since the night of Sunday to Monday, you can now see the third episode “The Justice of the Queen” on Sky. All worth knowing, where you can see Game of Thrones Season 7 in the Stream & TV, the trailers and other news we have summarized for you here.

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HBO has released the preview trailer for the fourth instalment “The Spoils of War”, which promises a lot of action. Daenerys came at the beginning of the season clearly superior to Drachenstein, Cersei was surrounded by enemies. During many negotiations and the forging of strategic plans, Cersei was able to turn the hand over to her favour, as Daenerys rightly notes in the preview trailer for Episode 4:

All my allies are gone – I’m losing. Enough with the sly plans!

In the meantime, Cersei wants to regain control over “this continent and every person on it” and relies on the support of the Iron Bank of Braavos. Lennis’s troops are already on their way to settle the debts of the house. The question remains open as to whether they will achieve their goal.

Episode Guide

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The latest episode of Game of Thrones is available in Germany by Sky-on-Demand and Sky-Ticket from Sunday to Monday from 03:00. The first television takes place every Monday at 20:15 on Sky Atlantic (HD) instead. At 9:15 pm she will be broadcast on Sky Atlantic +1 (HD). You can find a detailed summary of the events of the current episode here.

Flg Title / Originaltitel running time First broadcast (D)
1 (61) Dragonstone / Dragonstone 50 min. 17 July 2017
Jon Schnee organized the defence of the north. Cersei tries to balance their chances and Daenerys returns home to Drakenstein.
2 (62) Stormtochter / Stormborn 56 min. July 24, 2017
Daenerys gets an unexpected visitor. Jon Snow must face a revolt and Tyrion Lannister is planning the conquest of Westeros.
3 (63) The Justice of the Queen / The Queen’s Justice 60 min. July 31, 2017
Daenerys holds court / disguised as a dragon. Cersei returns a gift and Jaime Lannister has to learn from his mistakes.
4 (64) The Spoils of War 50 min. 7 August 2017
5 (65) TBA 59 Min. 13 August 2017
6 (66) TBA 71 min. August 20, 2017
7 (67) TBA 81 min. 28 August 2017

Source: IMDb

Game of Thrones Season 7 in the Stream & TV

game of thrones season 7 release date

In Germany, the pay-TV provider Sky has the broadcasting rights for Game of Thrones. What are the possibilities to see the seventh season on the TV, live stream and as video on demand, we have summarized here for you:Sky Entertainment Ticket * : Sky Shuttle’s Sky Entertainment ticket (9.99 euros per month) allows you to receive Sky Atlantic in the live stream and access the on-demand content of the station via the app.

Sky Entertainment Package: You can use the Sky Entertainment package (21.99 Euro per month) to receive the Pay TV channel Sky Atlantic. In addition, the entertainment package offers you the possibility to see the station via Sky Go in the live stream and to catch up the consequences later by Sky-on-Demand at any time.

Amazon Video: Like the previous seasons, you can see this year again the current episode 24 hours after the broadcast on Sky on the streaming platform of Amazon. Game of Thrones is not included in the Prime subscription, so you must purchase the current season (or episode) digitally.

Maxdomestore: Maxdome customers can also watch the latest episode of Game of Thrones every Tuesday when they purchase Season 7 or the individual episodes via the max dome store digital.

iTunes & Play Store: And Apple and Google will not let you down with their video offer. So you can also buy and watch the latest effects of Game of Thrones on iTunes and the Play Store on Sky digital one day after the premiere.

Game of Thrones Season 7 on DVD and Blu-ray?

If you prefer to see the whole series in one go, appreciate the bonus material or simply want to have something to “put on the shelf”, something has to be patient. An official release date for the season box of Game of Thrones Season 7 on DVD or Blu-ray does not exist yet.

The season box of the sixth season appeared in Germany about 4 months after the broadcast of the season finale. We, therefore, expect a DVD and Blu-ray release of season 7 at the earliest in December 2017 to January 2018.

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