Giant Radio Telescope

China has launched a giant radio telescope

The FAST investment amounts to $ 180 million.

China is pursuing an ambitious space program, in which it builds huge telescopes. Last week, a new facility was built in Guizhou Province with hundreds of millions of dollars invested.


The FAST spherical telescope has an aperture of 500 meters.

With the help of the giant FAST radio telescope (five hundred meters spherical telescope), Chinese scientists will study pulsars and black holes, search for exoplanets and signs of extraterrestrial life.
The construction of the telescope in southwestern China Guizhou province took five years and the investment amounts to 180 million dollars. Scientists hope that FAST will get more accurate data about the coordinates of the space objects they are interested in.

The area of ​​the telescope equals 30 football fields. It is the largest similar object in the world with a filled aperture (diameter of the telescope inlet), ArsTechica notes.



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