Galaxy S9 with extreme pace

Galaxy S9 with extreme pace: But we go empty.

The Galaxy S9 and other top smartphones next year will presumably offer fast speed LTE speed. According to Qualcomm, Samsung has now also introduced an LTE modem, which saves data at an extreme rate from the network: up to 1.2 gigabits per second. In Germany, however, the tariffs are not yet ready. More rumors about the Galaxy S9 can be seen in the video.

Exynos modem with high-speed LTE
Samsung has developed a mobile radio modem that can receive data at up to 1.2 gigabits per second in the LTE network. Qualcomm is also ready for this top speed: in February, the chip specialist presented a correspondingly fast modem, which will probably be used in the next high-end Snapdragon processor.
One speaks at this LTE tempo of Category 18, respectively LTE Cat.18. This increases the maximum transfer rate compared to current Cat.16 tip models by 20 percent. Currently available Cat.16 models are, for example, the HTC U11 or the Galaxy S8, which you can see here in price comparison:

Galaxy S9 first mobile phone with 1.2 Gbps?

Samsung s9

The Galaxy S9 does not name Samsung in its latest announcement, but not by name, but indicates that the next-year Galaxy Top model is meant. The manufacturer promises only that his new modem will spark in the next-generation mobile processors – this is likely to be the Exynos for the Galaxy S9. Since Samsung in the US is usually based on the Snapdragon line (to use the WCDMA radio technology), the EU and US models in LTE speed will probably act on the same level.

Code name of SAMSUNG “Galaxy S 9” and “Galaxy S 9 +” turned out!

The leak information of “Galaxy S 9″ is still small, but in the information of the other day, it is said that SAMSUNG jointly started development of Qualcomm “snapdragon 845” which is predicted to be installed in “Galaxy S 9″. For details, “Start developing” snapdragon 840 “which will be installed in the next” Galaxy S 9 “! What? Please refer to.

By the way, according to GSM Arena this time, we report that the code name of the next “Galaxy S 9″ and “Galaxy S 9 +” was found out. The code name found this time reports that “Galaxy S 9″ is “STAR” and “Galaxy S 9 +” is “STAR 2”. It is said that it is difficult to guess the function of the “Galaxy S 9″ series as the code name of this time is known.

On the other hand, it seems that “Infiniti display” etc. installed in “Galaxy S8″ inherits as it is and there is no major change in appearance. However, it is speculated that the “fingerprint authentication” function beside the camera of the back which is not well-reputed is likely to be integrated into “liquid crystal” like the next iPhone 8.

In addition, as usual, we will start developing the “Galaxy S” series around the “8 to 9” month when “Galaxy Note” will be announced / released, but since we have already started to develop this year, It is supposed to have been ahead of schedule about “three months” ahead of schedule. Again, we are promoting development ahead of schedule in order to ensure thorough “quality”.

As SAMSUNG seems to be working on development with careful attention so as not to repeat the flame uproads generated by “Galaxy Note 7″ again. In addition, as early as we started development from the usual year, it is said that the production and mass production of parts can be ahead of schedule by “three months” compared with the usual year. By the way, the “Galaxy S8″ series is said to have started in February – March this year, and from this also it seems likely that the “Galaxy S 9″ will start mass production at the earliest this year .

The fact that mass production starts sooner will increase leak information as much. The Galaxy S9 series is expected to be announced at MWC 2018 which is expected to be held next February, but it can be thought that the whole picture of “Galaxy S 9″ can be seen earlier within the year before the event. It is expected in the following report.


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