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Get ready for an epic and always fascinating adventure in the world of Final Fantasy. Explore the realms of Eorzea with friends from all over the world and experience the famously foremost trademarks of the successful Final Fantasy universe, including airships, chocobos, mogrys and much more!

The green planet Hydaelyn has given life to a myriad of creatures. But in their flesh are deep scars and Hydaelyn threatening to sink in an abyss of death and darkness. Explore the world of Eorzea and learn more about its history, inhabitants and city-states. A whole new world awaits you! The history of Eorzea is characterized by the flourishing ages of light and the devastating ages of the shadows. Now the Eoraces are at the beginning of a new era of shadows, at the beginning of a time of deprivation. From the frontier in the East, the troops of the Garlic Empire advance the invasion, while the Wild Tribes invoke beings with divine powers to support them.

As an adventurer from Eorzea, fall into great dangers to accumulate infinite riches or to gain glory and honor. In each of the large cities of Eorzea, there is now a house of adventure gangs, your first point of contact as a force-fighting fighter and skilled craftsman. Thanks to these institutions, the term “adventurers” quickly became a concept for everyone, because the guild issues decrees every day on behalf of the citizens and other guilds. Contracts whose performance is remunerated with Gil. But to what heroic deeds you will lead your first step as an adventurer, can only Nymeia, the Norne, say … Have you the honor of defending Eorzea, pushing the shadows back and becoming the greatest hero in Hydaelyn?

Final Fantasy XIV

 The Starter Edition contains the main game Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn incl. 30 days of gameplay.


– A completely reworked game with countless improvements and enhancements
– A feast for fans: All the unmistakable hallmarks of the successful franchise are included in the game
– The Starter Edition contains the main game Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn incl. 30 days of gameplay
– Over 6 million players worldwide


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