Final Fantasy 15: Episode Ignis: release date announced

Final Fantasy 15: Episode Ignis: release date announced

Publisher Square Enix has unveiled the official release date of the Episode Ignis download extension for Final Fantasy 15 at this year’s Paris Games Week.

The upcoming download extension includes the following contents:

“A completely new side story, of which even the main hero Noctis knows nothing, because he is unconscious after the fight against the Leviathan. Ignis fights his way through the streets of Altissia, trying to protect his helpless friend.

Lightning-fast action and furious combat: Ignis’s daggers can be attacked with elemental magic, and his unique abilities allow him to attack multiple enemies simultaneously.

A new companion: After Cor in episode Gladiolus and Aranea in episode Prompto Ravus will now appear as a side character and form a powerful alliance with Ignis.

Master your destiny: Episode Ignis contains several endings that show players various possible consequences of the events. “

“Episode Ignis” will be released on December 13, 2017.

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