FIFA 18 – Penalty Bug: With this “trick” you hold almost every penalty of the AI

FIFA 18 – Penalty Bug: With this “trick” you hold almost every penalty of the AI

Sometimes it just can not be otherwise, then the stirrup must come from. As every year, FIFA 18 players also resort to the emergency solution in critical moments, severely separating opponents and the ball. But when it comes to the inevitable penalty, FIFA 18 apparently has a bug that you can take advantage of. Anyone who places himself correctly and prances on the goal line can hold almost every penalty kick of the AI .

This fact has caught on Reddit , where users have noticed that they can drastically reduce the likelihood of a Gegentreffers when they perform a certain sequence of movements with the goalkeeper . At least on the Legendary difficulty level, the AI always seems to be shooting into the corner from which the goalkeeper is furthest away.

These steps should help you to hold almost every penalty:

  • Decide with the goalie for a side and move in that direction before the opponent starts his run.
  • When the opponent starts, move again towards the middle of the goal.
  • Jump back to your chosen corner as soon as the shot is fired.

With this little guide should be about 80-90% of the penalties hold. Imgur-User xnatem8x has created a small video tutorial that explains this trick with gameplay scenes. You can find the clip under the following link:

A real guarantee can not be given, but who captures a (perhaps even unjustified) penalty can at least improve his chances slightly. Unfortunately, the trick does not work for human opponents.

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