FIFA 18 Global Series – EA is planning the biggest ever FIFA tournament ever

FIFA 18 Global Series – EA is planning the biggest ever FIFA tournament ever

With a stronger eSport orientation than its predecessors, the World Champion is to be found in FIFA 18. The FIFA 18 Global Series event is the most comprehensive FIFA tournament in the simulation series.

The FIFA series has always had a strong eSport impact, but with FIFA 18 EA seems to be facing new challenges. With the FIFA Global Series and the FIFA eWorld Cup 2018 , the biggest FIFA tournament to date has been the football simulation has seen so far. It starts on 4 November.

That’s when the Road to FIFA eWorld Cup Initiative kicked off, beating PS4 and Xbox One players from around the world to find the 64 best kickers by July 2018 . On the one hand, the qualification will be via the online performance in “Champions Weekend League” in FUT mode, on the other hand there will be separate blockbuster events in which players can participate.

The best PS4 and Xbox One players will then start in the FIFA Global Series playoffs, and by August of next year, the remaining 32 players from the FIFA 18 World Champion will be found and crowned. Philippe Le Floc’h, FIFA’s Chief Commercial Officer, emphasized the new FIFA 2.0 orientation that the world governing body wants to follow.

“As part of the FIFA 2.0 vision, we look forward to further expanding FIFA’s commitment to the eSports and competitive gaming arena, which will attract even more football fans around the world, inspiring dreams, passion and achievement . ”

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