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Farm Simulator 17: LS17 Money Cheat – so you get more money

23.11.2016 at 13:30 pm Upgrade the account with the LS17 Money Cheat in Farm Simulator 17: Instead of a classic cheat entry, you change a value in your score in the crop simulation. How this works exactly, we betray you in this tip. As you get Goldnuggets or Kraftfutter in the LS17, you will learn in separate guides.

In LS17, by cheat, you can improve the account balance: If you suffer from a chronic money shortage in the agricultural simulator 17, you could help. A classic cheat, which you activated by console, there is unfortunately in the new Erntesimulation of Astragon. But you change the monetary value by hand by means of editor directly in your game. In this tips article we offer you a detailed guide on how to increase your money value. For this you need only a game, which you then change with Notepad or other editors.

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In upcoming tips, we will tell you how to find all LS17 Goldnuggets in Farm Simulator 17. As you get to Kraftfutter in the new Astragon adventure, we also prepare you in a separate tips in the future. At the end of these lines you will also find the launch trailer for the new harvest simulator. This shows you the new features of the current release of the successful simulation series. For more information, videos or screenshots, check out our theme page for the Farm Simulator 17.

  1. Set a score by saving and then leaving the game
  2. Navigates to the directory of the game data and searches the folder of your game. For example, C: \ [username] \ Documents \ MyGames \ FarmingSimulator2017 \ [your_game]
  3. Specifies a security copy of the folder of your score by copying it to your desktop, for example.
  4. In the folder you will find the XML file “careerSavegame” with the Notepad or another text editor.
  5. Use the search function (Ctrl + F) to search for the entry “money”.
  6. The value between the square brackets now increases as desired (maximum 999.999.999) and saves by Ctrl + S.
  7. Close the file and start the LS17 and load your game. The value previously entered in the XML file should now mirror your account balance.

Farm Simulator 17: Launch trailer and pre-order information on the next LWS

21.10.2016 at 16:20 Focus Home Interactive and Giants Software provide us with the official Launch Trailer for Farming Simulator 17 (Farming Simulator 17). The LWS 17 appears early next week for PC and consoles. Those who pre-order can look forward to two exclusive tractor models.

On October 25, next week Tuesday, Farm Simulator 17 (Farming Simulator 17) will be released for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The console mountings also offer modding support for the first time. Already today publisher Focus Home Interactive and developer Giants software have published the official launch trailer, which you can see below these lines. The clip shows what you expect in the LWS 2017 (sowing, harvests, etc.) but also presents a small part of the more than 250 vehicles of vehicles like Challenger, Fendt, Massey Ferguson and Valtra.

The LWS 17 is available as a standard edition, Premium Edition (including Season-Pass) and as a PC-exclusive Colelctor’s Edition (plus poster, 10 stickers, 5 artworks, book “The Art of Modding” Tutorials, Fendt Vario 900 model). The Day 1 Edition (plus Massey Ferguson 8737 with double ripening, Valtra T-Series Cow Edition) is exclusively available on Amazon and also only for the PC. Pre-buyers receive as bonus the two additional tractors Challenger MT700E Field Viper and Valtra T-Series Cow Edition. You can find more news and information on our topic page on the LWS 17.


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