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Fallout 4: Tipps, Mods, Karte, Komplettlösung – All infos

Fallout 4: tips, mods, map, release, test – All information, complete solution, quest guides and lots of trailers, videos of Bethesda’s end-time roll-out. The release of Fallout 4 took place on November 10 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. We will make changes for you through patches, our quest guides, and more in the full overview.

Already before the beginning of the E3 2015 fair Bethesda left the mole councils out of the sack. The first trailer for Fallout 4 caused ecstasy, but also for discussions. In the focus of the criticism was the graphic in the trailer for the rolling game. The focus was on the graphical representation of the character as well as the graphics engine. With the almost thirty-minute presentation at the E3 2015 Bethesda, however, silenced all the naggers. The game looks very good for an open world game. The accustomed innovative character creation and intro made a real desire for more. In addition to the fallout-typical SPECIAL attributes, the VATS system will again be present.

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Fallout 4

New is the advanced crafting system for weapons, armor, entire houses and complete settlements. In Fallout 4, you recycle old materials and build completely new buildings together with electricity generators, illuminated signs, towers and more. Finally, you must defend your house or settlement against raider attacks. Also the interior of your home is tinkered from the previously recycled materials. In this article we offer you an overview of all important news and info about Fallout 4.

Tips in the Achievement Guide:

In our Fallout 4 Achievement Guide you will find tips on all the successes. PS4 owners are thus playing the Platinum trophy in the Bethesda-Rollenspiel. In addition to the quest achievements to the main mission or the factions, you will also receive Achievements for reaching certain character levels. Crafts of objects, food or house-building items are rewarded with a success after a certain number. As soon as you finish 50 other quests, we will also tell you in our guide.

Fallout 4

Power Equipment & Alien Blaster:

For the hard chunks in the post-apocalyptic scrolling game you use a well-upgraded PowerArmor. In our guide to the X-01 Power Kit in Fallout 4, we will explain how to find the best armor. In order to find the X-01 armor completely, you need a character level of 28. Obendrein is similar to Fallout 3 also in the current offshoot of the series a crashed UFO with alien and alien blaster. The spaceship wreck, however, is not easy for you, but you have to wait for a random event. How this works, you will find in our guide to the UFO including alien blaster.

Fallout 4 – Patch 1.02: The details:

With the update for Fallout 4, manufacturer Bethesda improves the performance on both PC and PS4 and Xbox One. In addition, a few minor bugs in some quests are eliminated. The update is now available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. We have summarized the current changes by Patch 1.02. In addition, Bethesda shortened a little the original long loading times. Within the Covega production line, performance was slumped. This was also fixed by the current update.

Fallout 4 in the test:

Our detailed test for Fallout 4 you can read under this link. In the review, you can see how good the new end-time rolling game has become. Exclusive test videos for PC and console versions are also waiting for you.



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