How To Do Some Fun this Valentine’s Day With Your Bae

Most of us are completely and utterly broke, but we still gotta celebrate Valentine’s Day with our buggu wuggus, jaanus and sweetie-pies. So I’ve come up with 13 things all you lovers can do this Valentine’s that won’t starve your already malnourished wallets but also keep the romance from dying! You’ll be sasti masti-ying your way into your S.O’s dils!

1. Joyland

Joyland is the happiest place in any city. I mean legit, I love going there. Unleash your inner childhoods together and go crazy!

2. A walk in the park

Also another personal favorite. A walk in the park is far too underrated in this day and age. It’s so romantic, what with a stroll hand in hand peacefully with your person far from the hustle and bustle of city life. The boats on the lake are also a lot of fun! Make sure to make a playlist beforehand (Coldplay of course).

3. Gulab Jamun and chai

Deliciously delicious and not expensive in the slightest! Let them lil fluffy gulab jamuns and some scrumptious tea in on your love-fest.

4. A romantic stroll in Paris

…if your city has Bahria Town, that is. God bless Malik Riaz for building our very own mini Paris in Bahria Town. The Eiffel Tower he’s built literally looks like the real thing. The entire place is so aesthetically pleasing, and plus at night we get treated to some pretty lights enrobed around the tower. New Year’s was lit there, who knows what little surprise is in store for the most romantic day of 2017.

5. Recite some poetry

Go to a public library and pick out some dusty old Faiz Ahmed Faiz. It’s heart-achingly passionate and very doting.

6. Get a basket of local treats

Who needs them expensive, severely overly priced baahir ke chocolatein when our own little sweet-delights are so delicious! They’re seeping in nostalgia too.

7. Watch a movie at home

Get a DVD from a shop, get some snacks and have a snuggling movie night in.

8. Go to a party for two with your favorite dance playlist

Put on a fun dance playlist and just let it all out!
9. Ice Cream

Grab a few scoops of ice cream as an appetizing dessert.

10. Cook some delicious food together

Surprise your S.O. with a home-cooked candlelit dinner. It’ll be a charming gesture.

11. Have a rooftop picnic for just the two of you

Get a blanket, make some tea in a thermos and try and find a rooftop where no one would disturb you both. If you guys like sheesha, then that’s also the perfect way to end the night.

12. Go on a long drive

Never underestimate the amorous power of a long drive under a starry sky with a good playlist on. Even a sunset drive drips in romance.

What do you like to do for some sasti masti? Maybe you can share your ideas for valentine’s day and we’ll include them in a piece.

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