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Elex: Gameplay, Release, News – All about the action RPG of the gothic makers

Elex is the next RPG game by the gothic developer Piranha Bytes with a targeted release in 2017. In addition to gameplay material and trailers, we will provide current information and news on the sci-fi project of the Essen development studio. Elex is developed for PC and consoles and is based on tried and tested virtues, which made the Gothic creator only to its popularity.

With Elex, the gothic makers Piranha Bytes are working on a new open-world RPG for PC and consoles. The release is expected 2017, first gameplay scenes has the developer team released late May 2016. Settled in a post-apocalyptic sci-fi world, the Essen studio usually relies on tried and tested virtues. After a Meteor has completely extinguished the civilization on the planet Magalan, the survivors burn a battle for the extraterrestrial raw material Elex. The meteorite rock is precious, it brings machines to life and can even allow the action of magic.

As usual in Piranha Bytes, the world in Elex is completely open from the beginning. On the advance into the five areas of Magalans hinder a mutant mutant living in the wilderness. The Sci-Fi scenario gives the studio more design freedom. Players not only defended themselves with classic swords, axes, arches, crossbows, or harpoons. You can also use futuristic shotguns such as flames and plasmas. With the help of a jetpack you can even get into the air and move faster.


A “typical” role-playing game of the gothic makers is Elex also because one can join in the game of a faction. The official website provides background information on the four groups of Berserker, Albs, Clerics and Outlaws. Classes are not available in the end-time RPG of Piranha Bytes. Instead, it is a matter of looking for teachers to develop skills. Decisions play a major role in Elex and may affect the gameplay. Elex was on the RPC 2016 playable for the first time. A look at the features of Elex provides the overview below. We do not claim to be exhaustive, but we will continually supplement the topic pages.

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