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Earth: Shadow of War is the successor to Mordor’s shadow. Part 2 combines well-known action-adventure food including an open-world and third-person camera with the innovative nemesis system including procedurally generated orc enemies and siege battles. All previous information and news about the earth: shadow of the war, to the release and to the possibility to pre-order our collection article.

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In the middle of the war, the title of the new Monolith project (FEAR) will be released in 2017. The action-adventure plays in the Universe of The Lord of the Rings and is based on the works of Peter Jackson and JRR Tolkien. The most important gameplay feature of Shadow of War is the Nemesis System: Each of the nameless and faceless Orc enemies in the game has the potential to rise to a personalized villain with personal strengths, weaknesses, bodyguards, and a job. And who decides on such fluctuations in the army leadership of the Middle Sauron? The player, of course!

Orcs with personality instead of nameless standard opponents: That was already the great sales argument of Mordor’s shadow. The action title with significant bonds in Ubisoft games brought it in the weak PC game year 2014 to some notoriety as a surprise hit. Fade open-world occupations and a weak background story pressed us in the test but the evaluation to 75 play fun points. The successor, however, is to make much better, but the hastily staged sword duel of the series kick-off take over. At the combat system, Monolith only changes details; The Batman: Arkham Knight formula with counter-attack at the touch of a button and magic gadgets already worked very well in the predecessor.

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Grounding: Shadows of war are back in the story shoes of the forest runner Talion. He has been half dead since the events of his predecessor, and has been associated with the spirit of the Prince of Prince Celebrimbor. In Shadow of War, the two forge a new ring of power and take up the fight against Lord of the Rings villain Sauron. And the player is right in the middle.

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Fundamentals: Shadow of War – release date

Between the announcement of Modor’s Shadow 2 and the release of the finished game, the announcement was only six months. As with Fallout 4, the time from revelation to sales start is very short. Meanwhile, however, it was lengthened slightly. Fundamental: Shadow of the war should originally appear on August 24, 2017, but the release date for the shadow of the war was postponed. Now is supposed to appear Middle Earth: Shadow of the War on October 10 for PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One. A Nintendo switch port is not planned.


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