Dungeons 3 in Test – All evil things are three

Dungeons 3 in Test – All evil things are three

Dungeons 3 combines fantasy real-time strategy with demonic dungeon building. In the test, we explain why the German studio Realmforge comes close to the great role model Dungeon Keeper in the third run as never before.

The Munich Studio Realmforge, with the flair for classic reinterpretations ( MUD TV ) made its debut in 2011 with its game Dungeons , to play the great legacy of the legendary PC series Dungeon Keeper – with a huge success (our colleagues of the GameStar awarded 66 points ).

A few years later, the second part, which was much more self-assured and came out of the catches of the great example, followed, because the makers gave the game something which the original was always denied: the struggle for the upper world . The dungeon 3, which has just appeared, continues to lead this evolution.

Once again, it is our task to build the most efficient dungeon in the underground , as well as the “absolutely evil” , but also to raise a floor higher cities of the disgustingly good people and to spread fear and terror among the population.

Fighting in dungeons 3 almost always in unclear mass battles. Tactically, it is hardly possible to intervene.

The action begins some time after the end of Dungeons 2. After the victory over the good, evil is so dull that it has chosen a new continent to restore chaos and ruin. The planned invasion over the sea failed due to completely incompetent employees miserably.

All hope therefore rests in Dunkelelfin Thalya , the adoptive daughter of King Thanos. She carries the wickedness in her heart but stands under the positive influence of her heroic father-in-law. But the manipulative evil succeeds in the recruitment and the elfin is appointed to the right hand of the evil and leader of the excursion.

Without moss nix loose. In our dungeon, we use the hard-working “Schnodderlinge” to build the most important raw material of gold.

Varied mission design

In 20 varied missions we support Thaly’s campaign against Thanos as a floating hand of evil. Each mission tells its own little story within the framework of the main mission . We will start the food transports of the city “Burgers End” to starve the well-nourished guards – elsewhere it is necessary to clear the way for a hell-of-war to reach the enemy city gate. Even “boss fights” are waiting for us on the map. Class!

But before we go into the battle, the construction of a base is like in any good real-time strategy game. We hit them out of the rock by marking blocks with our demonic hand, which are then removed by our diligent “Schnodderlings”. In this way, we create space for barracks, feeding places, magical research laboratories and demonic torture chambers – all that a good villain needs before he enslaves mankind.

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