Destiny 2 – Use this trick to activate Prestige Mode in Lost Sectors

Destiny 2 – Use this trick to activate Prestige Mode in Lost Sectors

Those who have already reached the maximum power level 305 and therefore the endgame in Destiny 2 are likely to long for new challenges.

In addition to the PvP event Exams of the Nine there is the prestige fashion for the twilight strikes (Nightfall) and for the Raid.

This mode makes the two PvE activities harder and offers special rewards. The Raid, for example, has its own prestige gearset . But also the Lost Sectors, small mini-dungeons in the game, can be activated in prestige mode – with a little trick.

For this you need access to the twilight strike. Launch it in Prestige mode and simply enter one of the surrounding Lost Sectors in the area instead of going straight to the Strike. The level of difficulty, but also the active modifiers of the Nightfall remain active, even in the mini-dungeons.

Logically, you can play only Lost Sectors on the planet where the Nightfall takes place this week, currently the Earth. Currently, it is the “The Arms Trader” trike’s turn. A modifier keeps your class energy constantly charged so you can spam your grenades.

The reddit user vpain1800 found out this trick weeks ago , but recently the community got wind of it. Meanwhile, there are some Youtube videos, as well as the following:

But the whole thing has a big catch: the loot in the Lost Sectors remains the same in prestige fashion. You will not get better rewards, as is the case in nightfall or in the raid. Ultimately, it seems to be a bug.

But who knows what Bungie will do in the future with the mini-dungeons. Currently, the developers are working hard to improve the endgame . The Lost Sectors could play a stronger role again. Or what do you think?

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