Destiny 2 – Update 1.0.6 brings PvP changes & more players in PvE

Destiny 2 – Update 1.0.6 brings PvP changes & more players in PvE

Patch 1.0.6 for Destiny 2 will be released next week and will be dedicated to the Crucible.

According to Bungie, the 1.0.6 update for Destiny 2 will be released next week . There is not yet a specific release date, but we already know the new features and changes that the patch brings, at least in part.

Preliminary Patch Notes for Update 1.0.6 for Destiny 2

The update is mainly dedicated to the PvP area , which is why a number of adjustments are made here.

  • General : The Grace Rule settings are updated to enable Grace Rule a little later in the match, so it can be triggered by a wider range of points.
  • Conflict: The point limit is reduced from 75 to 50.
  • Control: The point limit is reduced from 100 to 90. The influence of enemy-controlled zones on the spawn system is reduced.
  • Survival: The lap time limit is reduced from 3 to 2 minutes. Lives are reduced from 8 to 6
  • Domination: Win points are increased from 50 to 70. There is now a point in defeating an enemy Guardian. The influence that enemy Signa has on the spawn system is reduced.

Other changes are:

  • A bug in the emote “Bureaucratic Gear” is fixed. So far you can glitch through walls with this emote . That’s why the Nine Exams failed and will not return until next week.
  • An adjustment should be made so that you meet more players in public PvE areas .

In particular, the latter innovation should underline the MMO aspect of Destiny 2. Bungie also works on many other innovations. Especially the endgame should be improved . There are already concrete plans for this.

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