Destiny 2 – This is how Bungie wants to improve the Endgame & Loot system

Destiny 2 – This is how Bungie wants to improve the Endgame & Loot system

Bungie explains in a statement what is planned for the future of Destiny 2. Now that the PC launch has gone on stage, further improvements are expected.

is not only available for the PS4 and Xbox One, but also for the PC. Now that the launch is complete, developers can finally focus on improving the gaming experience .

Bungie reveals in a new blog post what lies ahead for us in future changes . According to that, first of all loot and the reward system should be revised . But even the most dedicated fans should get new incentives and something to do.

New incentives should also be created for ending prestige activities just as there should be better rewards and a higher replay value on strikes and adventures. At the beginning of 2018, the creators are currently aiming for private matches and the crucibles will also be fine-tuned. The same goes for Iron Banner and the Faction Rallies , both of which are expected to continue to improve, including rewards.

Exotics are less likely to duplicate and there are apparently new opportunities in the pipeline that will allow us to spend our excess materials and currencies . Finally, there is also a revision of the emote interface. Players will be able to equip several exotic emotes simultaneously. But that’s not all: Of course, there’s more to come. How concrete the changes are implemented is still unclear.

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