Dark Tower, failure of the year

The Dark Tower is the failure of the year. Why?

Until yesterday, I believed that there are two types of screen versions of books – successful (“The Lord of the Rings”) and unsuccessful (“Inhabited Island”). But after the release of the “Dark Tower“, shot on the cycle of novels by Stephen King, a third option was added, which will not be briefly described.

A bit of prehistory

dark Tower Movie


Remove the saga of the adventures of Roland Deschain’s arrow through the novels of King of Horrors Stephen King has always seemed an impossible mission. Too epic, too large, too many storylines. The studios were banally afraid not to draw such a large ambitious multi-faceted project.
And for the first time about the adaptation of a series of novels, they started talking seriously only in 2003, when rumors arose about plans to shoot a full-length series on HBO . Later, JJ Abrams and Damon Lindelof joined the project, and it was about adapting the source to three feature films and a television series.
And even when the studios decided to make a film, they found a director and scriptwriters, the fog of the future project did not dissipate. The reason for this was an unexpected casting.
I will not make another hysterics about why the main character of the narrative Shooter is dark-skinned . When the news first arose that Roland is Idris Elba, massive volcanic eruptions of farts occurred among the fans of the books. The entire cinema world shuddered with blasphemy. It is understandable. Stephen King always said that he wrote the image of the Arrow with Clint Eastwood. Oh, this modern tolerance.
But, believe me, not the casting killed this film.


Writers spit into the soul


The first trailer , released in the spring, it became clear that the picture will not be the same with the source. But, until recently, I wanted to believe that the story of the Wanderings of the Arrow will be left to the original writers. I was deeply mistaken.
It’s hard for me to understand how the Oscar-winning scriptwriters Akiva Goldsmane and Anders Thomas Jensen, together with the film director Nikolai Arsel, managed to write such a weak, disgusting script unrelated to the wonderful original source. No, not raw. No, not by canon. It is simply disgusting in itself .
If you rename the movie and call the characters differently – nothing will change. The story is so dull, revealing neither the characters, nor the history of the worlds, that the film is hard to watch. And the fans (which is causing the rabies) and not reading the original (which do not understand what is happening on the screen at all).
If the script kills the story from the machine gun nonsense, then timing is appropriate and makes a control in the head.
The author is not right and (as a fan of books) is biased? The film – this is just the beginning, the pilot series, we are waiting for a full-scale large-scale series? I hope no.
The story came out boring, having lost from the first moments its charm and a stiff “King’s” atmosphere of hopelessness. It does not reveal either mythology, parallel worlds, or even the character of Roland. And how to do it, when the time frame of the film is a miserable one and a half hours ? Yes, in the “Games of Throne” ONE final series of the new season lasts so much.

The acting is disgusting

characters of the dark tower

The Elbe-McConaughee duo could have produced an excellent confrontation. Good and evil, light and darkness. Could have been if they were given time to reveal their characters. Who they are, where they came from, what their values ​​and goals are. The relationship between the characters? Forget it. This did not have time for the writers. Apparently, in their opinion, the audience themselves must understand everything.
As a result, Elba frowns the whole movie, and only a couple of times Makhonakhi gives out glimpses of the devil’s game.
But the non-main character in the book, the boy Jake in the film is given several times more time. What was the purpose of this? Producers felt that the audience of the “Dark Tower” was schoolchildren and teenagers. Apparently, they did not read King’s books.
For a lot of pain fans, Tom Taylor, who plays Jake, produces so weak actor’s game, that’s amazing. The feeling that on children’s matinees you can see more soulful, believable human children’s reactions. A dull uninteresting boring character.

Action, which is not and the soundtrack, which forgot to write


When the writers messy, actors serve the number, the movie may “pull” the special effects wizard. For example, Michael Bay, as a director of the “Transformers”, can hold a whole lecture about this. But, the cinematographers, who were engaged in the “Dark Tower“, obviously did not read its summaries. And do not know that it’s possible.
With a budget of $ 60 million, the film looks very modest.
There are no memorable beautiful landscapes, interesting locations or zubodrobitelnogo ekshena. The last in the picture in general, the cat wept – 1.5 scenes. And those without raisins and creativity.
Add a little spark could the composer Tom Holkenborg, but here his work is simply invisible. Melodies are as dim as the whole picture.

Hack-work, which nobody needs

dark tower failure of the year

Hollywood rarely produces on big screens so shameful films. But this time, something went wrong. And the “Dark Tower” now rises among the likes of its own stupidity, submarine and undeveloped. Having an amazing original source, the cinematographers all made a tyap-blunder.

It’s just a disgusting attitude towards ordinary viewers and fans of the original story. And the reaction of viewers and film critics did not wait. On www.rottentomatoes.com the rating of the film is 19%, on imdb – 6.1, at the Film Search – 5.7.
The stillborn film screen. If there is a similar approach to the future series, then it is better not to.

But, for one thing the film can be thanked. I again found on the shelf the same book that introduced me to Roland. With pleasure I will re-read. The book is better. As always.



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