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At the beginning of December, Cult of the Dead is released with a DLC to Dark, the protagonist Eric Bane sends on a new adventure. The vampire takes on the search for the mysterious book of the dead and gets it back with numerous enemies. In addition, the challenging mode will give you a higher.

Reviews for Dark

In Dark, you take the role of a fresh “born” vampire named Eric Bane. He’s in search of the person who turned him into a vampire – if he does not drink the blood of his creator, he turns into a soulless ghoul. Too bad Eric lost his memory. On the advice of a couple of friendly vampires, Eric makes a hunt for several older vampires, who are dead in the dark city of Dark and whose blood could save him as well.

In Eric’s role, you infiltrate museums, offices, and casinos, and turn off guards to get you on the path to a longed for blood transfusion. Eric does not go squeamish; Opponent he either switches off in close combat or drinks their blood. You need the red life juice to activate twelve supernatural abilities, which give you an advantage over human guards, enemy ghouls and the one or the other aggressive vampire: Eric teleports himself through the shadow of the area, directs enemies by mental manipulation or makes his way short time invisible.

Gunfighters are an abomination to Eric, and there is no way to interact with the environment, so to throw around bottles to divert. The blood sucker is not even able to jump over waist-high barriers – this is only by means of shadow jumping. In conjunction with the hacky mouse keyboard control, Eric does not feel like a nimble hunter, but rather has the mobility of a night snail.

The crawl itself still works quite neatly, even if similar to in Dishonored light and shadow hardly play a role. Instead, it is important to use the abundant opportunities available to move out of sight of the guards. The fact that you have to keep the right mouse button pressed in order to stay in coverage, but annoying in the long run.

However, the inconsistent artificial intelligence of the adversaries, which has many inconsistencies, weighs much more heavily. Sometimes, enemies have a third eye at the back of their heads and strike an alarm just after you have positioned them right behind them to put them to death. Then they are not surprised when a comrade rattling a few meters next to them collapses or suddenly nothing can be seen from the colleagues who have just been patrolling in the park.

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