Hot teen girls : Beauties from the world sexy Game

Cyber ​​Babes

players love diversion. And nothing distracts them more than hot teen girls: These miraculous pixel heroines show their most beautiful sides.Here is the hot teen girl pic!

Authentic characters in “Life is strange”, life-like animations in ” FIFA 16 ” or an almost natural-looking graphic in ” Detroit – Become Human “: Games are becoming more and more realistic – except the female image of course. Most of the developers present their central ladies in the most absurd outfits and poses, mostly a damp rubbish around genuineness:

In ” Streetfighter 5 ” the female anatomy explodes formally, ” Metal Gear Solid 5 ” -chi stresses Quiet ventures into a tight bikini Shot, while Sam in ” Until Dawn ” partly only in the towel around. And what is the matter? Quite simply: sex sells!

Cyber ​​Babes

On the technical side, however, there is a clear progress; Because as sharp as today women in video games have never looked out. They wait around the shady bars of ” The Witcher 3 – Wild Hunt ” with cool beer on mysterious travelers, can be arrested in ” GTA 5 ” lazy by police officers or fight in ” Dragon Age – Inquisition ” also sometimes grim looking at the side Of the player.

In the exciting world of the video games there is already enough distraction – for example, think of the merciless fighting in ” Bloodborne “. Because it really needs a cool head! But the developers just can not leave it. So it does not help:

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