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Conan Exiles: This changes in the second early access phase

10.08.2017 at 15:45 On August 16, 2017 the second early access phase of the online survival adventure Conan Exiles begins. The developers have made numerous changes. Among other things, the combat system has been revised, the AI ​​behavior has been optimized – and the loot system has also taken the makers to the breast.

When the extensive expansion “The Frozen North” for Conan Exiles opens on August 16, 2017, the second early access phase of the Survival game begins at the same time. Funcom has officially announced this. With the launch of the new phase, many changes will come into force, most of which are based on community feedback.

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The developers have, among other things, revised the combat system: in the future, there is a concrete distinction between light and heavy attacks, something has also been done in the evasive maneuvers. In general Funcom wants to achieve with the changes, that the battles against the inhabitants of the game world more intense than before. To this end, the revision of the AI ​​behavior is also supposed to contribute: Opposing NPCs are soon acting more cleverly, so that attacks on enemy camps are a major challenge.

Funcom has once again taken a break from the loot system and added better prey, which you will find in the future in boxes that are hidden in the game world. Furthermore, there are innovations and / or changes in the sieges (traps, trebuchets etc.) as well as the graphics. You can see all this in the new developer video below this message.


Conan Exiles: Slaves slaves – guide with tips on slavery

Conan Exiles Keeping slaves: In our guide, we give you tips on slavery. As in the Conan films, there are barbarians in the game that you can enslave. These are very versatile and can bring you enormous advantages in your very own adventure. However, catching the so-called thralls or slaves is not so easy. In our guide, we will explain step by step how to build up a small slave army. Here you are looking for a suitable barbarian village and fall in there. In addition, you should keep a club to knock the potential slaves unconscious.

You are already playing Conan Exiles? Then also use our guide to steel production. Here you need more than just iron ore or coal. We explain the steps you have to take to the steel bar. First, you build a tannery to win tar as a by-product of leather production. This tar is processed with wood and sulfur to a steel fire. With this steel fire you produce the desired steel bars from coal and iron bars. More videos, pictures and a lot of information about the game can be found on our Conan Exiles.


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