Mesothelioma Disease 2017 ( mesothelioma survival rates )

Mesothelioma Law Firm

INCIDENCE AND LOCATION: The diagnosis and treatment of malignant mesothelioma is a particular challenge. In very rare tumor diseases such as mesothelioma, the diagnosis as well as the treatment in specialized centers with corresponding experience must be striven for. The prognosis for a patient with a malignant mesothelioma is bad in spite of new treatment approaches, the survival time is on the average one to one and a half a year, the 5 year survival rate is below 20%. Frequently, a malignant mesothelioma is recognized only in an advanced stage,…

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ways to sharpen your mind

Each of us has moments in which his mind feels as if his mind wanders without purpose and direction … sometimes it can even be troublesome and affect our work and social life. Here are some ways through which you can stay sharp and fresh. 1. Dream The brain needs sleep. We – Homo sapiens – have evolved as circus beings. We should go to sleep (in an optimal sleeping position) when the sun sets and wakes up when the sun rises. And while modern society and culture have limited…

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Pain in the leg

Pain in legs

They start in the buttocks and end in the foot: sciatica pain. In most cases, a dislocated intervertebral disc is responsible: it squeezes the nerve, which reacts promptly with pain. The mourning pain comes from the butt and shoots into the leg, sometimes even into the foot: sciatica! Already the Greeks of antiquity knew this pain, they called it sciatica, hip-sore, because the pain apparently arises in the hip and buttocks. In the vast majority of cases, however, the problem is in the spine : Often, a herniated disc is…

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Why we do not eat dogs (schizophrenia of habit)


All humans like animals, only they caress the one, while they the others in the pan. How can it be that one is the best friend of human beings, but the others are best served for steaks. An explanation attempt: Food .. Like a mixture of beef and game taste it, mean the one. Rather like greasy pork, say the others. Maybe like a mixture of bunny and chicken, the one think. Slightly sweet, say the others. The talk is of dog meat. Cooked, grilled, smoked. Are you short now?…

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