Hostel for insects in France

insect house

In France, there was the first hotel in the country for insects In the eco-quarter of the French city of Dijon, the first “hotel for insects” appeared in the country. On the facade of one of the buildings were installed about sixty removable wooden cells, which can shelter several thousand insects. Last week in Dijon, France opened the first hotel for insects. The hotel is an installation of untreated wood 6 meters high, which is located on the facade of the city building. A kind of inn for insects was called…

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Fake Fatwa that went Viral, Must Read!

fatwa 2017

Drinking Alcohol Without Getting Drunk is Not Sinful “New fatwa  by Khaled Al Gendy, an Islamic cleric in Egypt”   Drinking Alcohol while not obtaining Drunk isn’t Sinful “New opinion by Khaled Al Gendy, associate Islamic man of the cloth in Egypt”   In a sharp contradiction with Muslims, Khaled Al Gendy, a renowned Islamic man of the cloth and a member of the Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs, declared that drinking liquor while not obtaining drunk isn’t sinful.(News at Islam teaches America equality How is it potential, “If…

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Asians Bad Habits

The Things virtually everybody In Asian nation Is Guilty Of Doing![irp] Pakistanis area unit better-known round the world for several reasons. we have a tendency to feel large pride in being called a hospitable bunch, whereas others will purpose America enter a crowd by our fanatical energy at coming together. However, there’s one factor we have a tendency to Pakistanis aren’t better-known for which is our cleanliness and rule. Not language that we have a tendency to area unit artless however we have a tendency to do have some gross…

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