Facebook will hunt fake news

facebook fake news

Facebook will hunt for fake news The company plans to activate a new special function. It will check the news that users of the social network distribute, for authenticity. A new option has been tested since April 2017. This was reported by the company’s representative office “One of our tasks is to support the communication of the Facebook community, which means that we help people exchange ideas about the latest news and updates, we want to give users the opportunity to receive a more complete and, most importantly, truthful picture of events,”…

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Facebook Approach to Hiring

Facebook Approach to Hiring     When you’re looking for someone to do some kind of service for you, whether it’s building a house, repairing a car, filing your taxes, or even fixing a broken a pipe, in most cases you look for someone who has skill. So how important is experience? In many situations, like in business for example, it’s extremely important. In fact, in the business world most individuals are always looking for skill in both the other companies they work with and in whom they hire. Surely…

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