Top 10 Bad Dog Behaviors


  These square measure the common dangerous habits of Dogs. How to overcome the dangerous dog behaviors? have you ever ever been coping with some reasonably dangerous dog behavior? Here square measure high ten dangerous dog behaviors, and tips to remodel him into an exquisite companion. Remember, dogs aren’t born dangerous. they’re influenced by their surroundings. Their dangerous behaviors square measure principally due to their interactions with others, they’ll be uncomfortable in bound things, Or it can be because of inconsistent or dangerous dog coaching. 10. Chewing   Chewing could…

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Chinese kill thousands of four-legged for battle

dogs food

In Yulin, South China, the annual “Hundefleisch-Festival” takes place despite growing protests. An estimated 10,000 four-legged animals are to be consumed at the slaughter. Before they land on the plate, they are terribly tormented. They are small poodle mixes, Labrador puppies, Pekinesen or kittens, which are currently murdered in thousands of people in Yulin, South China. The reason: They land on the plates of those who celebrate a so-called dog-meat festival every year to the summer turn in the province of Guangxi . YouTube is the scene of videos that…

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Why we do not eat dogs (schizophrenia of habit)


All humans like animals, only they caress the one, while they the others in the pan. How can it be that one is the best friend of human beings, but the others are best served for steaks. An explanation attempt: Food .. Like a mixture of beef and game taste it, mean the one. Rather like greasy pork, say the others. Maybe like a mixture of bunny and chicken, the one think. Slightly sweet, say the others. The talk is of dog meat. Cooked, grilled, smoked. Are you short now?…

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