Chinese kill thousands of four-legged for battle

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In Yulin, South China, the annual “Hundefleisch-Festival” takes place despite growing protests. An estimated 10,000 four-legged animals are to be consumed at the slaughter. Before they land on the plate, they are terribly tormented. They are small poodle mixes, Labrador puppies, Pekinesen or kittens, which are currently murdered in thousands of people in Yulin, South China. The reason: They land on the plates of those who celebrate a so-called dog-meat festival every year to the summer turn in the province of Guangxi . YouTube is the scene of videos that…

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The ultimate list of 125 things your dog may and may not eat [including Infographic]

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  Curious about what your dog may or may not eat? N ot all that we as people eat is suitable for your dog, there are people who get food to the dog with the pot. Whether this choice is the right one, you can decide on your own, how does your dog respond to certain foods. Of course there are also enough foods that your dog can eat to a certain extent without any problems. That is why we have made a list of foods that your dog can…

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