Call of Duty – WW2: Servers are stable for the time being

Call of Duty – WW2: Servers are stable for the time being

The launch of “Call of Duty – WW2” was bumpy. The enormous rush of players forced the servers to their knees. Now the game is running around – but with restrictions.

Anticipation of the launch of ” Call of Duty – WW2 ” was gigantic, the rush to the game tremendously. In fact, so many players rushed to launch worldwide that the servers collapsed under the load. All over the globe, disappointed gamblers struggled with connectivity issues and the error code 103295 displayed in the process. Developer Sledgehammer and publisher Activision responded during the past weekend and now officially commented on the changes made. As the studio explains in a post on its website , it has increased the capacity of the server and the stability of online connections can be significantly improved.

Leaderboards disabled

To make sure that players can run smoothly in online battles, however, the developer has made some restrictions for the time being. So the interactive lobby area for multiplayer games, the so-called HQ, for the time being only as a single player experience available. In addition, Sledgehammer Games has temporarily disabled the leaderboards. Both measures have, according to developers, led to the game running smoothly on all platforms. When the studio reactivates the disabled features remains unclear. In other versions, the manufacturer apologizes to all players who have lost their game progress due to technical problems. The problem has now been resolved and affected gamblers should be compensated in a manner not further explained.

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