Blizzcon 2017: All new products!

Blizzcon 2017: All new products!

Cosplays, cheering fans and a lot of video games: from 3 to 4 November 2017, the event halls the Anaheim Convention Center transformed into a place of pilgrimage for Blizzard enthusiasts. More than 30,000 people populated the 21 football fields large area. Their goal: Lots of video games – and the fun of having your own community.

For many gamers, “World of Warcraft”, “Hearthstone” & Co. are much more than a mere pastime. Blizzard games capture their users and connect them to each other. This cohesion is also evident on the eleventh Blizzcon, From badge swapping, cosplay and drawing contests to a joint party at the closing concert of the British rock band Muse – Blizzard brings its gamer together and at the same time skillfully promotes identification with the company. But no party mood without big announcements! And even in this regard, the California cult developer was not ragged, although this time he had no new games in stock.

The now seven-year-old real-time strategy game ” Starcraft 2 ” will be available free of charge from 14 November 2017 – newcomers will receive the “Wings of Liberty” campaign and access to the Ranked matches free of charge. In addition, you run around in co-op mode to level 5 out. All updates of the past months are also available in the free version. If you bought “Wings of Liberty” before October 31, 2017, you will receive the “Heart of the Swarm” extension. However, you should log into your account to activate this gift until December 8, 2017.

Friends of “Hearthstone” and “Heroes of the Storm” are looking forward to expansions. For the online card game “Hearthstone” there are “Kobolds & Catacombs” an extensive additional deck and the “Dungeon Run” a hard-hitting solo addition. “Heroes of the Storm” gets with Hanzo from “Overwatch” and Alexstrasza from “World of Warcraft” reinforcement. In addition, Blizzard announced an update for 2018. This includes, for example, an improved online matchmaking, the adjustment of the stealth units and the fixed camera. In the future, players should be able to see more of what’s happening and also use the integrated chat to coordinate.

Healer Moira serves as a support unit in “Overwatch,” but thanks to her ultimatum and versatile orbs, she’s doing a lot of damage.
“Overwatch” Blizzard also donated a new heroine : Healer Moira distributes healing or destructive Orbs in the area or sucks their opponents at a distance, the life energy. At the beginning of 2018, the hybrid card Blizzard World will be released, which will take you to an amusement park.

The event ended with the big announcements for the online role-playing game “World of Warcraft”. Almost casually, producer J. Allen Brack fulfilled a wish of many longtime “WoW” fans: Classic Server for the world’s largest MMORPG. Blizzard throws the changes of the past years overboard and brings back the classic “Level 1 to 60” gaming experience.

That this reincarnation is aimed primarily at the “WoW” -Hardliner, the creators behind it is also clear. After all, over the years Blizzard not only worked on new classes, races, and battlefields, but also on comfort features such as the Dungeon and Raidfinder. These features are all gone in the “Classic” -Ableger. Rather, “World of Warcraft – Classic” to bring back the old group dynamics and the more leisurely game pace, which may have missed some dropouts last. When the game will appear is not yet known. A trailer already agrees.

Undoubtedly, the biggest announcement of the show was the unveiling of ” Battle for Azeroth “, which Blizzard announced in an epic cinematic trailer . The upcoming “WoW” expansion focuses on the eternal conflict between Horde and Alliance. Central innovations are the warfront raids, in which 20 players compete against computer armies, build their base and manage resources. Blizzard takes back at the base building on his strategy game series “Warcraft”. So they collect wood and iron, raise barracks and recruit soldiers.

Accurate information about the processes of these real-time strategy elements is currently very rare. One thing is certain: In building construction, you collect collected resources with your comrades and decide together which facilities should be finished first. However, how you lead your own armies and whether there will be a unit cap is still unclear.

In the island expeditions of “Battle for Azeroth” you go in search of resources and treasures. The special feature: Although the islands are not randomly generated, the distribution of the treasures and monsters varies in the co-op missions.
New: The Heart of Azeroth highly leveled by the raw material Azerit. The amulet serves as a new item of armor for each player and, thanks to three tech levels, allows the targeted upgrading of one’s own character with special talents. In this way, especially long-term players should remain motivated and be able to gradually upgrade their character.

The Horde and the Alliance also receive their own continents – complete with fresh creatures and quests. As a fighter of the Horde you explore Zandalar, as alliance leader Kul Tiras. The island expeditions provide joint adventures, exploring unknown islands with three co-op companions. The missions are not generated procedurally, but should turn out very varied. For this purpose, Blizzard varies, for example, the Respawn Points of the opponents or the distributed treasures. This should make the expeditions fun in the long term.
The game hits of the coming months

When the Blizzcon 2017 finally closed its doors, a positive last impression remained. Of course, the really big announcements were missing and especially “Diablo” fans went blank this year. Nevertheless, Blizzard listens to his community – and wishes the addition of supplements, especially the good old days back. It remains to be seen, however, how “World of Warcraft – Classic” and the new “Wow” expansion are in practice. With the new content on “Hearthstone”, “Heroes of the Storm” and “Overwatch”, Blizzard seems to be on the right track.

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