Bethesda for the future of the Nintendo Switch

Bethesda for the future of the Nintendo Switch

With the announcements of Doom and Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus for the Nintendo switch , Bethesda has catapulted directly to # 1 the third-party developer. They bring most games for the new console. But will it always be about new editions of old games?

This is how Skyrim looks on the Nintendo Switch:

Bethesda is currently the biggest publisher of third-party titles for the Nintendo Switch. With Doom, Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus and also Skyrim the publishers have a big game portfolio in Petto. But what comes next? Will there be a large number of editions of old games? Pete Hines, Vice President of Marketing and Communications at Bethesda, will also be addressing these questions in an interview with Venturebeat .

We do not end up with Skyrim on this platform, as we did with others. Not everyone knows the Elder Scrolls series. There are also completely new players. We have to explain to them the whole thing and explain what it is all about. The same applies to Doom. There are cuttings, but also a new audience, which has no glimmer, which games are.

The Nintendo Switch with “Pulli”

Nintendo came to us before the unveiling of the switch and showed us the hardware. Since then, we have kept close contacts and talked about games. Not just the two that we publish now. There was more about the approach to the future of the platform. We are very happy about the games, but we will not only make these two and then stop. We want to establish a relationship with Nintendo and the Nintendo fans.

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