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All details about the DICE shooter

With Battlefield 1 (previously known as Battlefield 5), the Swedish development studio DICE is working on a new first-person shooter for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The setting will lead players this time to the fronts of the First World War. The release date is scheduled for October 21st. We summarize all the information about test, open beta, editions, DLCs, weapons, release, campaign and multiplayer mode

The new Battlefield is called Battlefield 1! For the first time in the history of the series, the new series will lead you to the fronts of the First World War. “With Battlefield 1, we want to present the largest and most dynamic battles ever seen in the genre shooter genre, and at the same time offer fans what they love the most.” One of the most amazing aspects of World War One is how Modern he was actually, “promise the developers. That is why there are 1 tanks, aircraft, machine guns and artillery at Battlefield. For the first time you take part in the battles on the horse.

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All tips & tricks in the overview

To the new shooter we have provided you tons of tips & guides. In our overview of all Battlefield 1 guides you get the complete package. Whether you’re a beginner, a special class guide, or an achievement guide for all your success, we offer you everything you need to know about the new DICE adventure. So you should be successful in the popular multiplayer mode. We also collected collected items such as helmets or field manuals in separate guides. Please visit our tips overview of Battlefield 1, if you need help of any kind.

Class Guides to Battlefield 1

Also in the multiplayer mode of Battlefield 1 there are different classes. Whether you are a medic, a storm trooper, a scout or a provider, we offer individual tips and tricks for each of the four classes in the new DICE shooter. Each different class is tailored to different game styles. Individual guides including tips on weapons, equipment and behavior in the matches offer you all the details for a successful multi-player career, whether on PS4, PC or Xbox One.

Battlefield 1 test also for PS4 and Xbox One

We tested the new DICE shooter and put all our strengths and weaknesses in our test for Battlefield 1. We also show you our test video for the new DICE shooter. Overall, the PC version of the game is the best. The two console sockets for PS4 and Xbox One, however, are only just behind. Why is this in your review of Battlefield 1 after – explanations of the console versions are also included.



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