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Arma 3 Test: The first campaign of the military shooter tried

10.11.2013 at 10:01 am Arma 3 was already released on 12 September this year. Now, Bohemia Interactive has delivered the first part of the campaign for the military shooter with several weeks delay. In our test you can see if the wait was worth it and with what bugs we had to fight.

Arma 3 itself had only limited functionality for the release. Developers Bohemia Interactive even said quite openly that the community is partly better content than the Czechs themselves. For models or co-op missions may be true, but the lack of a campaign ached the players already badly. Now Bohemia Interactive has delivered as promised and presents us the first of three episodes: survival.

We are discerning the year 2035. On the island of Altis, battered by the Civil War in the Mediterranean, the house blessing again hangs – although the armed conflict with Stratis, a seaside community, was hardly five years ago. At that time the government asked NATO for an intervention, and since then peacekeeping troops have been on the island. However, the leadership of the transatlantic alliance is obviously of the opinion that a continuation of the peace mission is superfluous, as the situation has calmed down. Far from it: The withdrawal of NATO troops has rekindled the faltering conflict and the region is forfeited.

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As Corporal Ben Kerry, we are one of the last NATO troops to be withdrawn from the island. The allegedly relaxed situation has already spread to the peacekeepers, you grab the bags and is basically good things. But then the events overlap: attacks and attacks of the opposing faction put our troops on alert. Unexpectedly we are attacked, and in spite of the festive mood we have just used, we must now defend ourselves. Unfortunately, the remaining NATO forces are scattered over half the island and most of the equipment has already been removed. With not much more than a few hand weapons, we are equipping a war

The campaign of Arma 3 is divided into several parts, starting with the gathering of the remaining NATO soldiers. After the first shock, we enter the guerrilla war and attack enemy ships

Communications facilities, high-ranking officers are turned off by fire attacks and we must resist some counter-attacks. Finally, we even get in contact with the local resistance to bundle our forces. Apart from a usual credible scenario, Bohemia draws all the registers of the powerful engine. Naturally, the campaign is highly scripted and also outstandingly staged. The speakers are highly professional and the story is told excellently and exciting about many cut scenes. There is no doubt that there is a lot of text to be read between the individual, mutually reinforcing missions. For the fulfillment of the orders, this is not necessarily relevant, but the intermediary briefings increase the immersion of the player immensely. The story takes several unexpected turns and always remains exciting – and, depending on the set difficulty, also quite demanding. On average, the campaign offers about 8 hours of play time and seems to be a bit short for enthusiasts, but the first part will follow two more.

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Unfortunately, everything is not just sunshine. The feared Bug-Inferno did not stay, however, Bohemia Interactive still managed to publish a completely flawless title. In one mission, we were having problems with a bug when loading a game – obviously, a trigger was not triggered that should position an enemy squad. Our task would have been to track down this group by means of a drone with a thermal imaging camera. As exciting as the task itself was: to spend two hours searching for non-existent opponents, drives the anger into the rage. A reboot then finally remedied. Still playable, but still unsightly


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