Batman free download for pc and android

batman arkham knight

Lead and Rivets I’m still skeptical. The new Batman and his Batmobile: Two highly equipped fortresses of crime control. At the superhelden, I am “only” disturbed by the design of his new platoon armor. On his vehicle, I’m bothered by the use as an aggressive rocket. After all, the finally mobile Batmobil slides aside as Kratos by the push of a button, thundering gun rifles at enemy drones and shooting rock alves. Human opponents, however, only stun the great caliber – how silly. The militarization does not fit into the…

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Armello free download for pc and android

armello game

Review: Armello Also in Australia games are successfully financed by kickstarter: The developers of League of Geeks were able to collect more than 300,000 Australian dollars (over 200,000 Euros) for the digital board game Armello from almost 6000 supporters. And on 1 September, it will be released for PC, PS4 and iPad. What’s behind it? We have already rehearsed on the PC sample and betray more in the preview. Four heroes fight for the crown In the age of the cooperative Brettspiele one is puzzled by the eyes – and…

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Last Day Of June download for pc and android

last day of june

Last Day Of June What would not you do to keep a loved one from death? In Last Day of June, the developers of Ovosonic are looking for the answer in the supernatural and send the player in the past in their emotional puzzle adventure, so that June has a future. We have already planned for the preview with the fate …   Perfect Idyllic Hach, what are these two figures, despite their oversized heads and the empty eyeballs sweet: They sit, Carl and June, together on a bridge at…

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Yakuza Kiwami PS4 Review & Gameplay

Yakuza Kiwami gameplay

Yakuza Kiwami PS4 Review & Gameplay Yakuza Kiwami Twelve years ago, the PS2 was awarded Yakuza, the first spiritual successor to SEGA’s Shenmue. The game was quite unique with its own style, story and setting. The deep and intimate view of Japanese culture has gained many Western fans over the years. But those fans have never really been easy because the release of the games in the West can take longer due to the mandatory location. Some Yakuza games from the PS3 era have never been brought to the West…

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The crew 2 pc download

The crew 2

The crew 2 pc Download Ubisoft goes on a racing trip through the US for the second time. While in the predecessor the gangster story framed the event, this time the free exploration of the entire United States seems to be the focus – including aeroplane and speedboat races. Splashy or too much of the good? Trinity of racing? Who would not even want to take a boat over the Highways of the USA? Moment times: boat + road? Yes, in The Crew 2 you can always change from car…

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constructor game pc download


constructor 20 years ago, Constructor successfully tried to connect urban development with a real-time strategy – not only on a PC but also on the Ur-PlayStation. At the end of April, the classic goes back to HD, then as it was developed by System 3. Executive Producer Mark Cale visited us in the editorial board and had an almost finished version in order to check how the modernized war around building sites and The supremacy in the city. In fact, 20 years? Is it really so long ago? 20 years?…

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Northgard game pc download


Northgard Finally settle again! Fans of classic build-strategy games à la The settlers are currently looking at the tube, but there is hope. Apart from the promising early access permanent construction Stonehearth, Northgard of Shiro Games could fill the gap well. We have taken a look at the Viking-heavy performance and are pleasantly surprised despite the early access phase. Wild Vikings In Northgard, one begins with the colonization of an unknown Nordic world. As head of a Viking tribe, one must ensure that their own men have a roof over…

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Pinball FX3 pc game

Pinball FX3 Flipper purists will agree that the real feeling of playing is only achieved at a real table – preferably in a darkened corner of a playhouse. But even without the physical rattling and the noticeable resistance, funnies can be fun in their virtual form. The platforms of the Zen Studios, which are set to take a new form in the form of the Pinball FX 3, which will be released in the fall, have been an established feature for years. We have an early version with the fresh…

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Anno 1404 pc download

anno 1404

Anno 1404 What comes after 1602, 1503 and 1701? Either 1800 or 1404? And since the Middle Ages, as well as the trade and discovery aspects, are in the foreground, the new Anno carries the number 1404. The construction and economic simulation are again developed by Related Designs, which already responsible for Anno 1701 ( 4P rating: 88%). As part of the Games Convention 2008, we were able to look at an early version. Anno remains Anno Even if Anno 1404 is no longer produced by Sunflowers, but by Ubisoft…

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Pawarumi game pc download


Pawarumi Shoot-em-up fans love the Dreamcast classic Ikaruga still hot and hearty today. This makes it all the more surprising how few developers have oriented themselves to the cool black / white mechanics, which at the time provided for a clever innovation in the genre. Developer Manufacture 43 from Bordeaux wants to change this and is currently working on an arcade shooter, which has expanded the gimmick of the famous model with a scissors-stone-paper principle to three colors. Each of them is particularly strong or weak or is usually active…

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