Animal Super Squad: New game from PewDiePie and the “Goat Simulator” developer

Animal Super Squad: New game from PewDiePie and the “Goat Simulator” developer

Under the developer name DoubleMoose Games, the YouTube star PewDiePie and the developer of the Goat simulator have teamed up and released the “Early Access” game Animal Super Squad on Steam. In this game, you are allowed to control animals and experience wild physics games, build your own levels and more.

The YouTube star PewDiePie is not only responsible for moody videos and regular controversy but is now even in the development of their own games (via Game Reactor ). In collaboration with Armin Ibrisagic – the creative mind behind the bizarre but successful Goat Simulator – PewDiePie has released a new “Early Access” game on Steam called Animal Super Squad.

As first trailer shows, Animal Super Squad is about physics-based adventure. In the skin of your “favorite animal” – to choose from a chicken, fish or sloth – and at the wheel of various vehicles to reach the end of you presented level. It should also be able to unlock various items – according to Steam description about crazy headgear, including Aluhut and a dead Octopus.


In a level editor, you should be able to create your own levels and share them with the world. In its still unfinished “Early Access” version Animal Super Squad currently costs 9.99 euros, various updates are expected in the near future. When exactly the game is completed, is unclear – sometime in early 2018 but it should be according to developer DoubleMoose Games so far.

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