Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp – Sweet cult series comes in November for iOS & Android

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp – Sweet cult series comes in November for iOS & Android

If you prefer quiet and do not want a lot of excitement, you like to grab titles like Harvest Moon or Stardew Valley . But even if that is too stressful, the Animal Crossing series has now been able to leave its mark for 16 years . With Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp , Nintendo has now unveiled the first mobile offshoot of the life simulation, which is to be released this year for iOS and Android.

Unlike in the previous Animal Crossing offshoots, we do not move into a new city and join the neighbors, but make us comfortable at a campsite . Otherwise, everything seems to have remained the same. The first trailer for the game presents a few of the NPCs and shows some of the activities we can pursue.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp – Gameplay trailer unveils mobile offshoot of life simulation

So we can get back to the fishing rod and empty the regional waters, go with the net on beetle hunt, collect fruits and make the other campers gifts. It is really exciting, of course, when we put in countless furniture and wallpapers and set up our caravan. Apparently, we can also upgrade the campsite with improvements and build a pool for everyone.

The mobile game is scheduled to appear late in November and will also offer the opportunity to mint transactions. We are likely to buy so-called “Leaf Tickets”with real money to replenish certain resources and speed up cooldowns. A multiplayer is also confirmed, in which our friends can visit us and we exchange items with them.

In Australia, however, the game seems to be online .

The download of Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp will be free. Currently, you can register for the app in the Google Play Store now, so as not to miss the launch.


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