Activision – New patent advertises in-game purchases in kill cams & reissues

Activision – New patent advertises in-game purchases in kill cams & reissues

It’s not that long ago that Activision has been negatively impacted by a patent that appears to be aimed solely at getting players into more microtransactions. For example, with targeted matchmaking, online gamers are expected to compete against strong opponents to fuel the need for better equipment and then challenge them against weaker opponents when making an in-game purchase.

Although it has not made any of these ideas in a game, but Activision seems to have yet another patent that aims in a similar direction. As Dot eSports reports, however, it is about repetition of game scenes like kill cams, in which, for example, targeted advertisement for the weapon can be made, which is responsible for the Killstreak.

The patent , which was filed on October 21, 2015 , plans a technology that makes it possible to recognize in-game items in repetitions and draw attention to them via pop-ups. What is certainly an interesting idea for spectators of eSports events, however, seems to be unwanted advertising for the inclined player, which is supposed to lure to microtransactions.

Apparently, the patent also includes the proposal to automate the micro-transaction system . After a one-time approval of the player, a game would therefore be entitled to independently conclude in-game purchases that match the profile of the player. Whether Activision currently has plans to implement these ideas is not clear.

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