5 apps that will make iphone better

Free Top: 5 apps will make the iPhone more


Today in the issue:

  • Poster editor
  • World radio stations
  • Magic Editor
  • Content for small
  • Sketch Editor

PosterLabs (free)

Poster editor


An interesting mobile application, with which you can turn any photo into a real poster with text and other information.
With it, you can create interesting content for your social networks, invitations to celebrations, postcards and so on.

VOX Radio (free of charge)

World radio stations


VOX Radio (free of charge)An application for listening to radio stations from around the world from the creators of a popular music player with a lot of extraordinary features called VOX.
The program offers a wide selection of music destinations, countries and other categories. And even supports fine-tuning the sound with a quality equalizer for playback.

Teleport (for free)

Magic Editor


A new and extraordinary mobile application that uses machine learning algorithms for interesting image processing.
With it, you can change the color of your hair in a photo in just a couple of clicks, blur the background by analogy with the use of portrait mode on the iPhone 7 Plus and so on.

YouTube for Kids (for free)

Content for small


youtube for kids

Free mobile application, created specifically for the youngest viewers and their parents. It will show a large number of interesting videos for the whole family.
Moderators who are working on a mobile application do their best to get only acceptable content for a small age.

Auto-desk Sketchbook (free)

Sketch Editor

autodesk sketchbook

This mobile application is intended for those who use drawings and small sketches to isolate interesting ideas from the stream of their consciousness.
There are all necessary tools for drawing – a large number of diverse brushes that mimic real, and so on.



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