10 years Mass Effect: Happy N7 Day 2017!

10 years Mass Effect: Happy N7 Day 2017!

Congratulations, Mass Effect! This year’s N7 Day is very special, as the series will be ten years old this year. In a video, the makers of the series look back on ten turbulent years

The development studio BioWare has revolutionized the genre with role-playing games like Baldur’s Gate and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic before Mass Effect followed. The developer’s most successful series once stood for far-reaching, detailed sci-fi stories featuring different races, cultures and personalities, as well as their background stories. Sheperd is male or female in each part as desired. In the third-person cover shooter series with RPG elements, you’ll be confronted with grave decisions that affect the course of the storyline.

It all started in 2007, when Sheperd, as an ordinary N7 soldier in Mass Effect 1, tracked down a possible invasion of an old, almost forgotten race. It was necessary to unravel the secrets before Mass Effect 2 followed three years later , which almost seamlessly ties in with the end of the predecessor. Many people disappear, sometimes entire colonies are orphaned before the ominous company Cerberus Sheperd sends out to collect information about this exodus. In the second part, close relationships and friendships were even more in focus than in the predecessor.

In 2012, the trilogy came to an end with Mass Effect 3 . The invasion of the Reaper is imminent. However, the crew is not strong enough, so Sheperd founds alliances to counter the threat with a powerful weapon. The end of the game was controversial, which is why it was revised by the developer BioWare. After five years, the series should return – but now in the Andromeda Galaxy, where the siblings Sara and Scott Ryder are in search of a new home for humanity. Mass Effect Andromeda, however, was released with major technical problems and could not convince. As a result, the development studio BioWare Montreal was closed .

The future of Mass Effect is uncertain, BioWare is now working on Anthem , a new sci-fi franchise. We wish Mass Effect, the developers and fans all the best and hope that Mass Effect: Andromeda does not mean the end of the franchise.

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